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What is Parure?

What is Parure?

Queen Maria Amalia of France wearing elements of her sapphire parure, 1836Is Parure an English Word?

Interestingly, Parure is a word that dates back to the late 1600's but its meaning is still in full effect up till today-it means a collection of jewelry or jewelry that is meant to be worn together. This can include a necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet, rings and a tiara. Parure in French means "to adorn" or "to decorate." Parures were often worn by wealthy and aristocratic women as a way to display wealth and status.

A matching design or theme often made up the Parure much like today, except nowadays, you see a lot of mix and match jewelry with color, dimension, different metals, styles, layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, and stacking rings that are still worn together. This is what we would call a modern Parure! 

Now that you know what Parure means, lets talk about the different Parures we have created for everyday wear and even special occasions. Simple, dainty classy jewelry works well for our everyday lives and work. The elegance from hundreds of years ago may not always work here so we want to offer some delicate and simple, easy to wear styles.

We all have our favorite metal in jewelry and tend to sway a bit more toward that color/metal, which is completely okay!  Remember that certain metals look better on some skin pigments more so than others. More to come on this later!

Silver Parure 

Silver lovers...its hard to change it up isn't it? Sterling silver is a great option as it matches well with various clothing colors. Now how will you make this into a Parure? Luckily, that's not hard either! With a few basic pieces, you can create your simple everyday Parure. Some silver or silver with diamond/cubic zirconia studs are a must have classic piece every girl should have in her jewelry box. This easily pairs with a dainty chain or a necklace with pendant or lets just admit pairs with pretty much anything.

Meghan Markle wedding earrings, diamond studs

You don't have to pay high dollar for these pieces either. You will find plenty of high quality jewelry at a decent price. We don't know what Meghan Markle paid for her wedding earrings but NAZ Parure can have you in this same look with the Halo Solitaire Studs and Halo Solitaire Necklace for a classy Parure. Below is a simple and dainty set or should I say Parure!


sterling silver set, necklace, bangle, earrings, bracelet, simple and dainty

Gold Parure

Gold-loving gals, we see you and love it! Gold jewelry is easy to dress up or dress down. Gold-plated, vermeil and gold-filled options help to sustain jewelry life. More to come on this later as well!  Investing in quality pieces we just mentioned will help to "Perfect your Parure" and change up which pieces you can wear for versatile looks. Here, it is also a great ideas to mix up the textures and styles of jewelry ranging from hammered, smooth, beaded, paperclip jewelry and so on. Layering or stacking on more jewelry also creates an effortless day to evening look quite easily. So, one necklace maybe nice but two or three speak volumes!

gold-plated, gold-filled simple, dainty everyday jewelry, waterproof, hypallergenic

A little mix and match goes a long way as shown here. These gold-plated options make for the best investments since they are the long-lasting (besides solid gold and gold-filled) and have anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic properties. You never have to take off this Parure! Pictured above is the Gold Braided Chain Necklace, Gold Braided Chain Bracelet, Wheat Cuff Bangle, Croissant Ring, and Gold Rope Hoops.


versatile, gold-plated jewelry, everyday, sustainable, waterproof jewelry

Ensuring you buy various size necklaces will avoid too much overlap as you would need different lengths to achieve a perfect layered look. Your Parure can consist of pendant necklaces and simple chains or maybe one that is a little more bold and with some geometric dimension. If you're going for the everyday look than a pair of classy studs would be perfect or plain hoops. There's just too much to choose from and jewelry speaks of your personality too so choose what speaks to you!



Pearl Parure

Now, for all the pearl people, not only can you have a pearl Parure but you can make it pearl and gold as well as pearl and silver. The combinations are just absolutely elegant and beautiful. Pearls are never out of fashion and so go ahead and indulge in the many shapes and sizes they come in, there's always an occasion for pearls. Not to mention that pearls make such great presents! Here is a few combinations that we love.

pearl jewelry, minimalist, elegant and classy pearl jewelry, minimalist, elegant and classy 
These golden and silver with pearl Parures are simply elegant for special occasions, a night out in town, girl's night or just a day at the office.
simple dainty, every day pearl jewelry, pearl drop earrings, pearl necklaceAs mentioned before, textures and designs make a set eye-catching and unique. Here we have a Gold-filled Classic Figaro Chain in the middle paired with the Rope Chain with Pearls and Gold-filled Hammered Fringe Necklace. The larger Croissant Ring and Dome Ring alongside the simple Eternity Band look well balanced for the complete look. Notice the differences and variations in the jewelry that make it come together in this unique and smooth transitional manner. This is our type of modern Parure!
You can design your own Parure at and follow us on instagram @NAZParure for everyday jewelry inspirations, new arrivals, tips and so much more. The combinations are endless so let us help you "Perfect your Parure" and "Beautify your Jewelry Box" with our simple, dainty everyday jewelry that you don't have to take off - our gold-filled jewelry is water-proof, sweatproof, ant-tarnish and hypoallergenic so you can wear it worry free for years to come!
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