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2023 Affordable Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Sets Under $100

2023 Affordable Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Sets Under $100


'Tis the season to discover the perfect holiday gifts, and what could be better than gifting affordable and elegant minimalist jewelry that's not only dainty but also waterproof? In this blog, we're unveiling a stunning collection of holiday gift ideas, all under $100, featuring gold-filled, gold-plated, sterling silver, and freshwater pearl options. These gifts promise to bring joy to your loved ones while embracing the minimalist and dainty design trends, and offering the practicality of being waterproof

NAZ Parure Jewelry Gift Boxes

Gold-Filled Jewelry: Affordable Luxuries for the Holidays

Gold Filled Sparkly Choker under $100  Gold FIlled Baguette bracelet and Sparkly Choker under $100

Elevate your holiday gift-giving with our minimalist gold-filled jewelry collection. These pieces strike a harmonious balance between luxury and affordability. Combine our Gold-Filled Baguette Bracelet with our Gold-Filled Zirconia Choker for under $100. Gold Filled Jewelry is required to have 5% solid gold which enhances it's waterproof, sweatproof, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-free properties. Can you see yourself wearing this elegant set during the holidays? Visit our collection for more Gold-Filled Jewelry inspiration


Gold-Plated Delights: Affordable and Chic Holiday Gifts

Gold Plated Jewelry set under $100

Explore our selection of chic gold-plated jewelry for holiday gifting. All these pieces offer a touch of opulence without the high price tag. You can enhance your loved one's jewelry collection with a gold plated gift set priced under $100! Displayed here are the double band ring, thick beaded chain, thick gold huggies and layered figaro chain.


Sterling Silver Elegance: Timeless Holiday Beauty

Sterling Silver jewelry set under $100

Give the gift of timeless beauty with our minimalist sterling silver collection. With 925 sterling silver, these pieces are both affordable and long-lasting. Here we have our herringbone necklace, dome ring, timeless knot cuff and waterdrop earrings. This whole combination is under $100!  It's amazing to get a good quality parure set at such a reasonable price, making it perfect for holiday gifting. Visit our blog on "What is Parure" for more information on a collection of jewelry meant to be worn together. 


Freshwater Pearls: Nature's Holiday Gift

Freshwater Pearls set under $100

Celebrate the beauty of freshwater pearls, a cost-effective alternative to their saltwater counterparts, offering a minimalist and dainty option. Here we have put together our Parure of Pearls Bracelet with Necklace, Pearl Drop Gold Hoops, and our Baroque Pearl ring. These 4 pieces are all under $100. Look at how these freshwater pearls radiate grace and sophistication which each unique pearl. 


Zirconia Set: Studded Beauties

For those who love a little bling on their jewelry, this zirconia set is the option for you. Here we have displayed our Floral Leaf Ring, Single Bezel Bracelet, CZ Cuff Huggies and Diamond Bezel Necklace. Jazz up your outfit or holiday gift giving while still staying under $100. 

zirconia set under $100


Mix and Match: Create Unique Holiday Styles

Sterling SIlver and Gold combination set

Unwrap the joy of holiday gifting with the opportunity to mix and match our minimalist jewelry options.  Here we have the Gold and Silver Wheat Cuff bangle and Dome Rings. Don't be afraid to mix and match metals, it looks beautiful! Create a personalized look for your loved one by combining minimalist, dainty, and waterproof gold-filled, gold-plated, sterling silver, or freshwater pearls to craft a style that reflects their unique personality and complements their holiday outfits.


Caring for Your Affordable Holiday Gifts

To ensure your minimalist and waterproof holiday jewelry remains in pristine condition, share proper care tips with your loved ones. Advise them to avoid harsh chemicals, limit exposure to water, and store their pieces in a jewelry box or pouch. With proper care, these budget-friendly, minimalist, and waterproof holiday gifts will maintain their beauty for years to come. Visit our FAQ's section for more information on how to Care for your Parure



Celebrate the holiday season with affordable and elegant minimalist jewelry gift ideas, all priced under $100. From gold-filled to gold-plated, sterling silver, and freshwater pearls, our collection offers an array of minimalist, dainty, and waterproof options to make the season special. Explore the world of affordable holiday elegance, and find the perfect gifts that won't break the bank but will surely warm the hearts of your loved ones, while also offering the practicality of being waterproof. Start shopping now at! Follow us on Instagram for new collections and inspiration =) 

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